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Climate Change May Have Aided Dinosaurs’ Journey From South America to Greenland


Sauropodomorphs are a group of massive, long-necked dinosaurs that are the largest dinosaurs and land animals that ever lived, and later evolved into Brachiosaurus and Apatosaurus. In the Late Triassic period about 252 million years ago, the planet was mostly a vast arid desert assembled into the supercontinent Pangea. Meat-eating dinosaurs roamed the planet with ease, expanding their range throughout the land. But herbivores, whose diet is dependent on an abundance of plants, were geographically confined to greener areas, including the largest dinosaurs—and land animals—that ever lived: a group of massive, long-necked dinos called sauropodomorphs.

For millions of years, sauropodomorphs didn’t really budge from their habitats in what is today Argentina and Brazil—until a dip in carbon dioxide (CO2) levels occurred 215 million years ago, reports Chrissy Sexton for . The shift in CO2 levels may have made it easier for a group of herbivores called sauropodomorphs to migrate North, according to a new study in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences .

“In principle, the dinosaurs could have walked from almost one pole to the other. There was no ocean in between. There were no big mountains. And yet it took 15 million years. It’s as […]

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