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Climate change: Mind your language


India not to bow down to international pressure on climate change: Javadekar Heatwaves might seem an opportune time to talk about climate change action – but research suggests this could prove ineffectual.

That climate change is human-induced is not ground breaking news. But it is a trigger for some people in societies where climate change is politicised.

Faced with new information about climate change, they dig into their pre-existing attitudes rather than consider new information with an open mind. This is a problem as people are forced to adapt to the very real consequences of a changing climate.

As large parts of the world are gripped by intense heatwaves, new research suggests talking about adaptation could be more effective at changing some people’s behaviour than making the link between heatwaves and climate change.

For journalists and others who want to provide important information to the public without making the problem worse, the study makes a case for eliminating the phrases global warming’ and climate change;’ and replacing them with weather’ and weather impacts’ instead.

By not using these words, the researchers found people in the study were more accepting of the news stories they were presented with. They felt like the stories’ positions were […]

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