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Climate Change on the Oregon Coast (3-part series)


Humans are adaptable and extreme weather is part of life on Earth, but the average climate has shifted so drastically in the last century that our infrastructure and behaviors haven’t adjusted. It’s easy to see the patterns of human influence at the global level; rising sea level, increased drought and aridification, torrential flooding, and epic ice storms have plagued the 21st century.

The conversation around climate change is fraught with anger. Naturally people don’t want to feel like their personal choices have caused the devastation we’re experiencing now.

And to some degree this is true. You leaving a light on when you leave the room didn’t cause climate change and your diligence in turning it off won’t solve it. To some extent climate change was baked-in during the late 20th century.

The number of fossil fuel burning engines in use guaranteed a certain amount of glacial melt, a certain amount of carbon in the air, and a certain number of human deaths from air pollution. As we blew past 350 ppm projections for sea-level rise steadily increased and warnings grew dire. We’re now at a point where we’ve experienced the hottest temperatures on record around the world, new diseases are […]

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