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‘Climate change studies don’t show complete picture of impact on mammals’

Lack of funds and logistical challenges could be the reasons behind this knowledge gap Climate change studies do not show complete picture of impact on mammals. Photo: Wikimedia Commons There are vast gaps in the world’s understanding of how mammals are responding to climate change, according to a scientific review published in the British Ecological Society’s Journal of Animal Ecology recently .

Most studies do not take into account the complex ways in which climate change manifests in the present and evolutionary path of mammalian species, the findings suggested. They, thus, fail to provide a comprehensive analysis of how these populations are altered.

One lacuna, the paper noted, is that most of the studies focused on one of the several ‘demographic rates’ or aspects of the lives of the mammals such as reproduction or survival. This myopic approach obfuscated the contrast in the impact of different environmental changes, the review argued. It said: For example, higher temperatures could decrease the number of offspring, but if the offspring have a better chance of survival because of less competition, the population size won’t necessarily be affected. On the other hand, if higher temperatures decrease both reproduction and survival, a study of only […]

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