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Climate Change: The irreversible effects are getting closer by the day


By eco-rep Muriel Baki

Rider’s campus received another snowstorm last week, which brought snow totals in parts of Mercer County to 25 inches for the season already — a sharp departure from last year when snow accumulation in Lawrenceville barely reached an inch. While some have been enjoying the snowy scenery and winter activities like sledding, skiing and snowboarding, others are worried about the trend that this represents on a larger scale.

After the extremely cold temperatures and power grid failure in Texas last week, it is clear that the United States does not have the necessary infrastructure weatherization in place in the south to handle the severe cold weather conditions brought on by climate change.

“Seeing extreme weather events getting worse and more frequent makes me nervous to imagine what the future will hold,” said sophomore musical theater major Brianna Nicola.

Nicola’s worry is shared by many, as weather patterns in the United States begin to reflect the severity of the climate situation we are currently facing.

In a report published this January by NOAA and NASA, it was reported that 2010 to 2020 was the hottest decade since weather record-keeping began 140 years ago. This pattern is certainly indicative of the presence […]

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