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Climate Change Today – How We Know It’s Us


There is no debate among the world’s climate scientists that the observed present day significant warming of the atmosphere and oceans is anthropogenic, or in other words, caused by humans.

The consensus is gauged by looking at peer reviewed papers from actively publishing climate scientists around the world with 97% of those scientists agreeing that human caused climate change is happening.

Further, 99.9% of scientific research studies published in peer-reviewed journals find that human caused climate change is happening. Yet what is so scientifically clear and understood, is not understood or believed by many with complex societal and ideological factors governing why people hold the beliefs that they do.

My purpose here is to simply lay out some of the science in very simplified terms of how we know it’s us. I’ll walk you through how the greenhouse effect in the atmosphere works and show you that the science behind it is not new.

Further, I’ll look at how natural variability has shaped climate over the past millions of years and illustrate why what’s happening today is new. What I won’t be doing here is looking at the broad range of climate change impacts or solutions to the problem, […]

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