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“Climatenomics”: New Book Shows How Climate Action Is Good for the Economy


Taking action on climate can create millions of jobs, drive economic growth, and make the United States more secure and competitive. Stefani Reynolds/Bloomberg via Getty Images Before I was an environmentalist, I was an economist: Seven years as a World Bank economist, another four as executive director of the Bank Information Center, and a few years as a strategy consultant taught me the importance of business, policy, and finance in solving the world’s biggest problems.

Today, there’s no doubt that climate change is an economic issue. Climate-related disasters inflicted more than $145 billion in damage to the U.S economy in the last year alone, according to NOAA. That’s on top of an estimated $820 billion in climate-related health costs each year, as NRDC has found. The good news is that we can blunt these costs by expanding clean energy and taking other climate action. And in doing so, we can create millions of jobs, drive economic growth, and make America more secure and competitive.

That’s the point of a new book by Bob Keefe, executive director of NRDC’s E2 (Environmental Entrepreneurs) affiliate: Climatenomics: Washington, Wall Street, and the Economic Battle to Save Our Planet . For more than 20 years, NRDC […]

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