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Clinical leaders move into the driver seat for IT decisions


Clinicians and IT haven’t always collaborated on technology solutions. Many electronic health record initiatives were driven by the IT function, leaving clinicians with complex workflows, more work, and siloed data. Fortunately, many leaders recognize the need for change and are putting clinicians in the driver’s seat when it comes to IT decisions.

In 2014, about 40% of healthcare organizations had a clinical IT leader, typically a chief medical information officer (CIMO). By 2017, that number had risen to 71% and continues to climb. The CMIO often serves as a bridge between clinicians and IT leadership, allowing both to be successful by engaging the right stakeholders in decisions that influence patient outcomes. This structure builds rapport among these important stakeholders and accelerates strategic transformation across the organization.

In the U.S., the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act has resulted in the rapid acceleration of electronic healthcare systems with the number of organizations using EHRs rising from 16% to 96% over the past decade. While these numbers are impressive, the stumbling block has often been the adoption of these systems. Slow adoption means that the very outcomes that these systems were supposed to drive – improved quality and access, […]

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