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Coalition Launches to Keep Politics Out of Organ Donations


“This attempt to rig the regulatory process for personal gain is political corruption at its worst,” Anthony Pizzutillo, a spokesperson for Science in Donation, said. NEW JERSEY- A coalition of organ donation professionals, physicians, recipients, and donor families have banded together to knock back a Trump era attempt to inject profit and politics into what most experts consider to be the world’s best organ donation system.

Science in Donation , a non-profit organization devoted to supporting, educating, and advocating on behalf of the interests or members of the donation and transplant communities, seeks to shine a light on the issues and forces shaping the public health policy in organ donation and allocation, their website says.

Even with solid growth and extraordinary performance, despite challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic, the organization says, the non-profit organ donation organizations (OPO’s), including centers of excellence such as New Jersey’s The Sharing Network, continue to strive to improve how they undertake their lifesaving work.

In 2020 however, Trump regulators, at the behest of politically connected and financially backed special interest groups like Organize, Inc., pushed drastic changes to rules governing how these OPO’s operate within their regionally based designated service areas (DSA’s). The new […]

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