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College Moves to Consumer Driven Healthcare Plan Despite Faculty Concerns


The College has made the decision to remove all but one healthcare plan offered to faculty and non-unionized staff. Next January, these groups will only have the option of a high deductible health plan, which will reduce premiums but increase out-of-pocket expenditure All non-unionized College employees will shift to a Consumer Driven Healthcare Plan and Health Savings Account starting Jan. 1, 2022, ending the option to continue on a Traditional Preferred Provider Organization plan. Switching faculty and non-unionized staff to CDHP-HSA is expected to save the College $1.2 million per year. However, many professors say that the switch leaves them with fewer choices and higher out-of-pocket costs.

In 2019, the Academic and Administrative Program Review identified employee benefits — including the cost of healthcare — as a recommended way to reduce spending and increase the financial longevity of the College.

Assistant Professor of Politics and Comparative American Studies Jenny Garcia is not happy about the way the switch will impact her family.

“The new plan is going to significantly increase the costs of healthcare for my family,” Garcia wrote in an email to the Review . “It seems like these types of plans can help those who rarely go to the doctor […]

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