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Combating climate change: Make green tech affordable for low- and middle-income nations


The transition to clean energy will have to be driven by both governments and the private sector working together —just as the personal computer revolution was.

Bill Gates & Connie Hedegaard By Bill Gates & Connie Hedegaard

This month, Bill Gates published his new book, How to Avoid a Climate Disaster: The Solutions We Have and the Breakthroughs We Need. An edited excerpt of a conversation between Connie Hedegaard and Gates:

Connie Hedegaard: You now powerfully and emphatically make the case for urgent climate action. You start your book by describing this journey. At first, it was “hard to accept that as long as humans kept emitting any amount of greenhouse gases, temperatures would keep going up.” It was only after returning to a group of climate scientists “several times with follow-up questions” that it eventually “sank in.” To what do you attribute your initial resistance, and how might your experience be applied to getting others on board?
Bill Gates: The world is in a very different place today than when I started studying climate change. We know more and have established more of a consensus about the problem. But it’s still hard for many people to accept […]

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