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Commentary: The Attention Economy


I’m not on social media. Well, I’m on LinkedIn maybe twice a month, if that counts. You should try ignoring social media sometime. Or better – quitting. I hear it’s a potential cure for insanity. But I digress.

I was recently introduced to a new concept: The Attention Economy, evidently the successor to the Information Economy. Here’s a recent quote about someone on the commanding heights of this new economy that helps explain it:

‘[Elon] Musk puts his critics in a real bind. Broadly speaking, in an attention economy there’s no satisfying way to deal with people like them. There’s a circular thing where they command attention because they have some kind of power (fame, money, etc.) but increasingly, their ability to command attention also grants them power (to influence the news cycle, amass cult-like followings, enhance their business).”

The temptation to mention Donald Trump here is almost overwhelming, but I’ll resist it.

Ezra Klein writes in a recent New York Times column that the major social media platforms are “essential to modern life.” He calls them “town squares, infrastructure – too important to entrust to billionaires and businesses, but that makes them too dangerous to hand over to governments.”

He singles […]

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