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Committee hearing devolves into chaos after GOP lawmaker calls LGBTQ people “deviant”


Rep’s Hall, or House of Representatives chamber of the New Hampshire State House on July 28, 2015 in Concord, New Hampshire Photo: Shutterstock A committee meeting in the New Hampshire House of Representatives devolved into chaos after a GOP lawmaker referred to LGBTQ people as “deviant,” earning an immediate rebuke from a fellow Republican.

The committee was debating a proposed law that would eliminate the gay or trans “panic” defense that allows defendants in murder or assault cases to claim they were so shocked or outraged when they “discovered” the victim is gay or trans, they reacted violently.

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“This situation is very analogous to a lynching defense that would center around a person being triggered by seeing Black people,” State Rep. David Meuse (D) said during the hearing. “I think passing this bill is part of the process that we need to make to essentially get to a point where all of our people have equal protection under the law.”

“We refer to people as gay or ‘LBGs’ or so on and so forth, and we want to carve them out and say they got special […]

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