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Company forced to change “Surrender Dorothy” beer’s name. It didn’t reference the Wizard of Oz.


7 Locks Brewing has lost a battle with Turner Entertainment over the name of their popular “Surrender Dorothy” ale. Photo: 7 Locks Brewing 7 Locks Brewing has been forced to change the name of their popular Surrender Dorothy beer after Turner Entertainment objected to their petition to trademark the name.

While the books are in the public domain, the media giant has trademarked the name “Dorothy” and insists that a Mormon temple featured on the label too closely resembles the Emerald City in their classic movie that’s almost 100 years old.

The D.C.-area brewery names their beverages as nods to local landmarks. The Surrender Dorothy ale was named for a message that regularly appeared on a railway bridge over the Beltway around the nation’s capital.

The message was changed during the Trump presidency to say “Surrender Donald.” The company released a special edition of the ale that changed the name to incorporate the tweak.

Since the 1970s, every time the bridge gets repainted to remove the graffiti, someone sprays the words right back on the overpass.

The graffiti was framed in front of a Mormon temple with the interstate seemingly running to it like a low-grade Wizard of Oz and became a highlight of […]

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