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I had originally planned to take all of last week off, but a couple of topics popped up later in the week that were too good to ignore. Accordingly, the usual “readers respond” column had to wait.

First, many thanks to the readers who wrote in with thoughts on the MD/MPH dilemma that The Boy is facing. Advice was wide-ranging, but consistently thoughtful and nuanced. I forwarded every single response to TB, who told me he will reach out to at least a few.

As a longtime friend noted at the end of a conversation on the topic, on which she is well-prepared to speak, “this is social capital in action.” Well, yeah, so in the interest of openness and to avoid charges of opportunity hoarding, I’ll share a few key insights.

First, each degree serves a distinct purpose, so much depends on your goal. If the goal is to practice medicine, go for the MD. An MPH may or may not be helpful, but it’s a big endeavor if its only point is to help a med school application. A student who does something medical in a gap year – say, scribing – won’t be disadvantaged relative to one who did […]

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