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Connected Economy 2021: JPMorgan: Customer Experience Will Drive Super App Future In The US

The connected economy is evolving in the U.S., taking its cue from the super apps that have taken root around the globe. Those super apps – in Latin America, Asia and elsewhere – have been able to bring together far-flung daily activities (from ride-hailing to banking) and mass them behind a digital front door that ties together physical and digital channels.

Max Neukirchen , CEO of merchant services at J.P. Morgan Chase , told Karen Webster that there’s some catch-up to play here in the States, involving a shift in merchants’ mindsets toward how they mesh the physical shopping experience with purely digital ones.

“There’s a real push toward the emerging super apps in the United States and in North America,” said Neukirchen. “Ultimately, it will come down to a question of customer experience – who will be able to bring together the different parts of the connected digital commerce and economy in a way that makes it seamless for consumers to meet all their needs.”

The omnichannel experience (which underpins a super app), he said, should be focused on the journey – not the channel. That philosophy stands in stark contrast with the fact that consumers find the physical store […]

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