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Connecting healthcare with The Electronic Health Record Association

© iStock-ipopba The Electronic Health Record Association explains the benefits of digital healthcare for both patients and healthcare providers.

Considering how accustomed we are to sharing, storing, and creating data via digital devices, it is perhaps surprising that our healthcare systems are not taking full advantage of the opportunities modern technology presents when it comes to storing patient data. Not only could the process of recording patients’ information electronically be safer and more accurate, it could also help to streamline workflows, thereby enabling patients to be seen more quickly and healthcare providers to work more effectively across different areas of care.

Improving the quality and efficiency of patient care, by encouraging wider use and improved interoperability of health information technology, is the main focus of the Electronic Health Record Association (EHRA) . Operating within the US, the EHRA works collaboratively with other organisations and stakeholders to expand the benefits of electronic health records (EHRs) and health information technology. Lorna Malkin, Junior Editor of HEQ , speaks to Hans Buitendijk, Chair of the EHRA’s Executive Committee, about the benefits of using EHRs within different healthcare settings. What is the role of the EHRA within the digital healthcare sector? What are your […]

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