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Control in Healthcare: History and Reclamation of Bodily Autonomy


This is the introduction and first installment of a five-part series, Reclaiming Control: The History and Future of Choice in Our Health , examining how healthcare in the US has been built on the principle of imposing control over body, mind, and expression. However, that legacy stands alongside another: that of organizers, healers, and care workers reclaiming control over health at both the individual and systems levels. Published in five monthly installments from July to November 2022, this series aims to spark imagination amongst NPQ ‘s readers and practitioners by speaking to both histories, combining research with examples of health liberation efforts.

Last week, as announcements that the Supreme Court had overturned Roe v. Wade roiled my phone, a flood of emotions flowed through my internal neural network as well as the external network I was connected to—millions of us processing together in real time.

Despite knowing for months if not years that such a Supreme Court ruling would arrive, the news was still shocking: sparking collective and individual fury at being ignored, subdued, and overridden, as well as grief for the past and anxiety about what the future might now hold.

But what I felt most, deep in my gut, […]

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