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Corvallis Social Justice: Land Acknowledgements in Activist Circles, Helping Unhoused Neighbors Beat the Heat, “Bodyland”


Last Tuesday’s Corvallis Advocate CitySpeak took a deeper look at Indigenous land acknowledgments, with a particular emphasis on discussing what meaningful actions people in Corvallis can take individually and collectively to go beyond acknowledgment and actively support local Tribes and Indigenous communities.

For one of the questions, panelists Luhui Whitebear, Lara Jacobs, Chanti Manon-Ferguson, and Rachel Black Elk were asked for their thoughts on activist groups/circles in Corvallis that have been sharing land acknowledgements within their organizing work.

Some of these groups’ acknowledgments identify the violent acts and ideologies of settler-colonialism as both ongoing and at the root of systemic issues like the climate crisis; houselessness; rape culture; and attacks on queer, trans, and gender-diverse identities. What has sometimes been neglected from these statements, however, are recognitions of the continued existence and unique struggles of local Tribes and Indigenous peoples, and/or commitments to supporting them. Panelists explained the harms this can cause, and why it’s imperative to center Indigenous people in activist work.

“One remedy that I’ve been working on with people is that you build trust and you get feedback from people that are going to be fiercely honest and fiercely loving of their communities to share with you, and to […]

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