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Creating a Circular Economy within Angola’s Oil & Gas Operations


As a leading waste management solutions firm, Angola Environmental Services (AES) is currently pioneering an initiative to reduce the volume of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material waste within Angola’s oil and gas operations.

Energy Capital & Power spoke to General Manager Matuzalem Sukete about the firm’s activities in the country.

Since 2005, AES has grown into a leader in integrated waste management services in Angola. How did your operations begin?

Matuzalem Sukete, General Manager, AES.

Our shareholders had invested in waste management projects in other parts of the world and saw the opportunity in Angola for better environmental protection initiatives. There was a need for tools and means to allow the industry to carry out its activities in a sustainable manner. The owners had initially invested when there was no legal obligation for oil companies to bring the hazardous waste resulting from drilling activities ashore. Despite this, they went ahead and set up the company. AES started at the SONILS Base on a small plot of 6,000 square meters, together with a landfill in Cacuaco, which is about 18 kilometers from our office.

AES now has an area of more than 35,000 square meters. We started with one incinerator imported from […]

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