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Curious to see how healthcare cybersecurity fared this year?


Most hospitals critically lack the ability to secure their supply chain systems , according to CynergisTek. Investing in security In a new report, CynergisTek reviewed just under 100 assessments of healthcare providers across the continuum, including hospitals, physician practices, Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), and Business Associates. These assessments measure organizations’ security posture against the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Cybersecurity Framework ( NIST CSF ), a standardized framework first published in 2014 intended to help protect American critical infrastructure.

Assessments were categorized into two cohorts: high performers with NIST conformance scores over 80% and low performers with conformance scores under 80%.

The report focuses on the industry’s overall status in cybersecurity preparedness, with 64% of organizations below 80% conformance. The report identified several areas for continued improvement in planning and preparedness, especially seeing as only 75% improved during the coronavirus pandemic – even then only slightly. While that is progress, it isn’t the progress the industry needs to shore up defenses. Investing in security, in the long run, is often ultimately more cost effective than paying the recent exorbitant ransoms.

“The past year has been arguably the most trying on the U.S. and global healthcare systems. We saw cybercriminals attack hospitals […]

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