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Data-Driven: Vroom CEO Takes Fast Lane To Car Buying’s Connected Economy


There are a lot of things U.S. consumers associate with the car buying experience.

For example, a 2020 report from the Federal Trade Commission suggested that “ unfair negotiation ” was one of them. As the car industry struggled and then recovered during the pandemic, that customer experience started to change. Several digital-first companies took the car buying experience more seriously, making it an essential part of their value proposition. Among them: Carvana , Vroom and Shift .

Along with the rise of these companies comes a new element of car buying not typically associated with the process: data . Data and devices are the fuel of the connected economy , and if Vroom CEO Paul Hennessy has its way, that connected economy is poised to use data and a digital “front door” as entry to disrupting the way we buy and sell cars — and what we do with them after the deal is done.

Hennessy told PYMNTS’ Karen Webster that data and platforms (Vroom among them) can establish a relationship with a customer over a long period of time, using apps as a digital front door. Those front doors provide an experience that grows along a continuum of services, from […]

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