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Data Science & Healthcare: Why Health Plans Must Do Better with Data

Healthcare technology is the ultimate driver for lowering costs and improving the immediacy of clinical and non-clinical actions, and it’s the payer’s opportunity to effectively utilize health IT solutions and realize these technologies’ full potential.

One such area is data science — a term that saturates the market, yet many payers today still struggle to translate from a concept into an actionable tool. With the appropriate use of data science, health plans can make real-time decisions that directly impact a person’s long-term care and costs. But like many things in healthcare, technology is a tool and not a silver bullet.

To meet with success, payers must first develop robust data models and then put them into practice to positively impact member health daily, weekly, and monthly. To achieve a 360-degree view of their members, it’s non-negotiable that health plans must integrate data science directly into a unified platform. This gives them valuable sources of data that can be readily identified and leveraged to improve not just data models, but health outcomes.

The variety of the data and the speed at which one can access the insights from that data make up the critical elements of data science. Armed with this prescriptive insight, […]

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