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Dave Eggers’ heartbreaking list of staggering tech concerns: ‘We’re never unstudied’


Brecht Van Maele In Dave Eggers’ latest sci-fi dystopian vision, The Every , apps rate your friendships and your parents and tell you how much you enjoyed your last meal. Tracking tech has made surveillance de facto mandatory, even in the wilderness, under the guise of safety concerns. Even worse: Eye-tracking hardware ensures you read every word of every user agreement, contract or legal disclosure.

It’s a near future where current tech trends have advanced just enough to land in a disconcerting place somewhere between inevitable and absurd. Get the CNET Now newsletter

And it’s truly chilling stuff.

Like so many headlines from Eggers’ long-running humor site, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency , the full title of the book gives away the entire story and its author’s stance on his subject matter. It spreads across two pages in large-type print: The Every or At Last a Sense of Order or The Final Days of Free Will or Limitless Choice is Killing the World. The Every is out now from McSweeney’s books at independent booksellers. The 500-page-plus satire is the sequel to the novelist and journalist’s best-selling 2013 novel The Circle . It returns us to that familiar parallel reality, in which the world’s […]

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