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David Copperfield’s new book brings magic history into the present


David Copperfield inside his private magic museum in Las Vegas. His book is a tour of some of its contents. I grew up mystified by David Copperfield, the magician on my TV who made coins pass through glass and flew through the air. I saw him perform in-person a few times, and even met him after a show. He sparked my interest in magic , which brought me to shops like the famous Tannen’s Magic in New York.

David Copperfield grew up in New Jersey, where I live, too, and he spent his childhood in Tannen’s Magic. In fact, he recreated the entire shop as it used to exist, and it lives as just one of many exhibits in a massive private magic museum in Las Vegas. David Copperfield’s recent book, a History of Magic , is a tour and series of journeys through some of this museum’s many collections. I got to speak with him over Zoom, where he called in from his recreation of Tannen’s Magic. Get the CNET Mobile newsletter

His book, broken up into small biographies of famous and obscure magicians, reminded me that magic and technology are often interlinked. From watchmaker-inventor Robert Houdin and early […]

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