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DC has the largest per capita population of LGBTQ people. No wonder the GOP opposes statehood.


This week, Congress held hearings on a bill to make the District of Columbia a state. For Democrats, this measure has two primary benefits.

The first is based on principle. DC statehood would enfranchise 700,000 Americans who pay federal taxes but have no federal representation. That’s about as many people as the population of Alaska, and more than Wyoming and Vermont, all of whom have two Senators.

The second is based on politics. Adding DC as a state would add two more seats to the Senate. Given the overwhelmingly Democratic tilt of the district, that would virtually ensure two more Democrats joining the Senate.

DC statehood would also have a big benefit for LGBTQ residents. DC has the largest per capita LGBTQ population in the nation . Nearly 10 percent of the population is queer, according to an analysis by the Williams Institute. That means almost 70,000 LGBTQ people in DC don’t have federal representation.

Needless to say, Republicans oppose DC statehood. The party is desperate to hold onto a system that provides it with outsized benefits.

Because the Senate is apportioned solely on statehood, California, which has more than 60 times the population of Wyoming, has the same number of votes in the […]

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