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dcbel CEO: Powering the Connected Economy Begins at Home (Literally)

The connected economy is changing how people, businesses and governments interact within and across once-separate silos.

Smart devices within those connected ecosystems are the conduit to linking daily life, from how we pay to how we travel. Within the home setting, appliances talk to one another, thermostats self-regulate, electric vehicles (EVs) charge.

And none of it is possible without energy.

Marc-Andre Forget , co-founder and CEO of dcbel , based in Montreal, said the same advanced technologies that make devices smarter through any number of use cases could bring control of solar power and electricity into the homeowners’ hands. That tech can power homes in a cost-efficient and allocation-efficient manner, even creating a market for peer-to-peer (P2P) trading of energy — watts as currency — to save and make money.

Without energy, there’s no telecommunication, real mobility or comfort within our home, he said. That energy need amplifies in a healthcare setting, where monitors, diagnostics and computers need electricity to keep us going. In the home setting, bringing data and analysis to bear on solar energy, even on the energy stored within an EV’s battery, can make power management an intelligent endeavor.

The firm’s dcbel r16 appliance uses hardware and artificial intelligence (AI)-driven […]

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