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Dear UCSD, General Education Requirements Need General Reworking


On Feb. 18, the everyday motions of the student body came to a sudden halt. Word had traveled throughout the attendants of the school that UC San Diego’s infamous course enrollment program, WebReg, broke. Again. This glitch in the program allowed students to exceed the first-pass unit limit and enroll in more courses without limitations. Thankfully, those who went over their first-pass limit were unenrolled in the classes they were able to enroll in during the glitch. Still, as fearful students rushed to see if their essential classes had filled up and would have to wait for another year to complete the five-course writing sequence required for their general education, one thought crossed my mind: Why?

Why are some students required to take a five-course writing sequence while others are not? Why are our general-education requirements becoming a hindrance to our academic experience, instead of an extension of it? Why do required classes not have enough seats for all the students for whom these classes are mandatory?

Given that some colleges’ GE requirements can add up to 80 units, which is almost half of the units required for an undergraduate degree at UCSD, it is clear that the university should reduce […]

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