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Debate Is Not Central to the College Experience


Here is a very strong memory I have from college.

A group of friends and I decided it might be interesting to see who could gain the most weight in one day . I do not know why we thought this would be interesting, but it is possible that the not-yet-fully-developed frontal lobes of 19-21 year old males had something to do with it.

It seemed more interesting than an old-fashioned eating contest, and there was something about it being an entire day (9 am to Midnight) that appealed to us. It was a way to carve up the routine of the semester with an event.

Once the idea took hold among our relatively small group, we announced it to the entire fraternity [1] and discovered there was significant interest in terms of the number of competitors.

We set the date, procured the prizes – trophies for both total weight gained and weight gained as a percentage of mass – and asked the fraternity cook to make a bunch of extra stuff we could eat all day.

I believe I gained around eight pounds in the course of the day, stuffing in spaghetti, garlic bread, and chocolate pudding. I felt like Mr. […]

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