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Democrats have a chance to pass the Equality Act but out Senator Kyrsten Sinema could screw it up


Americans hate Congress. Yet approval of Congress is now at a 12-year high (a modest 35 percent) because Congress is actually doing something. Voters are encouraged by the passage of the $1.9 billion economic stimulus package. The legislative branch is actually legislating!

But unless the Senate changes its bizarre filibuster rules, Congress won’t be doing anything else any time soon–including passing the Equality Act.

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The passage of the stimulus package relied on an obscure rule that allows the Senate to pass budgetary issues without the threat of a filibuster. But virtually no other legislation, including voting right protections or the Equality Act, qualifies for that exception.

The problem is confined to the Senate. The House can pass legislation on a simple majority vote.

Under Senate rules, 60 senators need to vote to end debate on legislation and move it forward, a process called cloture. That doesn’t mean all 60 will vote for a bill. That just means that they will allow the entire Senate to vote for it.Republicans in particular have been using this tactic to ensure that legislation they don’t like […]

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