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Design of AI may change with the open-source Apache TVM and a little help from startup OctoML


In recent years, artificial intelligence programs have been prompting change in the design of computer chips , and novel computers have likewise made possible new kinds of neural networks in AI . There is a feedback loop going on that is powerful.

At the center of that sits the software technology that converts neural net programs to run on novel hardware. And at the center of that sits a recent open-source project gaining momentum.

Apache TVM is a compiler that operates differently from other compilers. Instead of turning a program into typical chip instructions for a CPU or GPU, it studies the “graph” of compute operations in a neural net, in TensorFlow or Pytorch form, such as convolutions and other transformations, and figures out how best to map those operations to hardware based on dependencies between the operations.

At the heart of that operation sits a two-year-old startup, OctoML , which offers ApacheTVM as a service. As explored in March by ZDNet ‘s George Anadiotis, OctoML is in the field of MLOps, helping to operationalize AI. The company uses TVM to help companies optimize their neural nets for a wide variety of hardware.

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