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Digital Opportunities in Healthcare Can Save the Global Economy Trillions of Dollars

BOSTON, April 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Today’s healthcare system of only treating disease as it arises unsustainably costs the global economy trillions of dollars each year. However, two significant paradigm shifts are enabling change. First, there is a shift from a focus on treating disease to helping consumers stay well – a change in the “when” of how care is provided. Second, there is a decentralization of healthcare happening, with more tools and services being deployed in the home or “on the go,” in contrast to more traditional hospitals and clinics, and a significant shift in “where” care is provided. Both of these shifts are enabled by digital tools like wearables, biosensors, digital biomarkers, and artificial intelligence.

Lux’s new report, ” Transitioning From Wellness to Health: How digital wellness tools are impacting the healthcare landscape ,” defines the traditionally nebulous term “wellness” and identifies opportunities with digital tools to engage. Wellness is simply nonspecific preventative healthcare and can apply across the health spectrum, from healthy consumers to patients with more serious disease. As paradigms shift toward solutions that are ideal for home use and, in the broader environment, addressing health conditions before they even become issues, there is an opportunity […]

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