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Distraught gay employee has breakdown after customer hurls slurs. This “activist” mocked him.

Tariq Nasheed Photo: Screenshot Twitter activist Tariq Nasheed describes himself as the “world’s #1 Race Baiter” but his latest claims of racism has Twitter lashing back after he posted video of a mentally ill gay man having a breakdown at work.

The Holiday Inn Express employee is obviously in distress as the customer, who had reportedly hurled anti-gay slurs at the young man, films and harasses him. In a post to Reddit, the man said he is now suicidal after the humiliation both at work and online.

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“I basically went viral because of my schizo-affective disorder documented by a rude customer at an establishment which I was employed,” he wrote in a post in the “helpme” subreddit. He also said he had been drinking nonstop since the incident and hadn’t slept.

“Why can’t people have basic human kindness and compassion for one someone obviously not sound?” he added.

The customer was reportedly upset about a mix-up with the hotel’s reservation system. While the employee is meek and obviously distressed, the customer continues to harangue him until the young employee starts hitting himself with the computer monitor. […]

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