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DOE unveils strategy for US nuclear science and technology

(Image: DOE NE)

The Office of Nuclear Energy (NE), part of the US Department of Energy, has outlined its plan to support the existing US nuclear generation fleet, demonstrate the latest innovations in nuclear energy technologies and explore new market opportunities.

The Strategic Vision is a blueprint for NE to achieve its mission of advancing nuclear energy science and technology to meet US energy, environmental and economic needs.

Nuclear power supplies about 20% of US electricity generation and is by far the nation’s largest source of carbon-free energy and the most reliable, operating at a capacity factor of more than 93%, the strategy notes. “However, many US reactors face economic challenges or are nearing the end of their planned operating lives.

New construction of traditional reactors is costly and time consuming, and we need to demonstrate advanced reactor designs rapidly to provide clean energy and expand market opportunities before we lose access to key infrastructure and supply chain capabilities in the United States,” the NE said.

The NE helps address these challenges as an applied energy research and development organisation, which invests in R&D that the private sector or other non-government stakeholders are unable to perform due to the […]

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