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Dog parks offer respite from pull-your-hair-out politics of Ohio, nation



Six dogs in a dog park. Getty Images. I have found a refuge from the pull-your-hair out politics that is our collective cross in Ohio and the nation. It is not nirvana. You must watch where you step. But there is plenty of room to breathe and be. It’s a place, to borrow a phrase, where every dog can have its day — so long as it plays nice with the other dogs.

Same goes for every dog owner strolling through pooch paradise in a neighborhood near you. In the over 140 fenced-in dog parks scattered throughout Ohio, nobody cares about your political grievances or who you voted for in the last election. In the designated doggie playgrounds at 15 state parks, nobody wants to hear your take on the trending madness in Columbus or Congress. Party labels are checked at the gate going into dog parks.

These patches of earth — the fastest growing park amenities nationwide — are partisan-free zones for people and pets. Occasionally newcomers will have a slip of tongue. As an ice breaker, I once told a fellow dog owner that he was a dead ringer for Steve Bannon. He absolutely was. Some people smiled. […]

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