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DOJ expands probe into anti-LGBTQ prison violence in Georgia after 44 murders in the past year


The Department of Justice (DOJ) has opened an investigation into the allegedly deplorable conditions in Georgia state prisons, sparked by an ongoing investigation into anti-LGBTQ sexual violence committed by prisoners and staff in Georgia.

“The Justice Department’s investigations into prison conditions have been successful at identifying systemic constitutional violations and their causes, fixing those causes and stopping the violations,” said Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke. “We are investigating prison violence and abuse in Georgia’s prisons to determine whether Constitutional violations exist, and if so, how to stop them.”

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The sweeping probe will investigate the culture of violence in Georgia prisons which resulted in at least 44 homicides in prison in 2020 and 2021, and at least one major prison riot.

Clark said that the DOJ has received “sufficient justification” to expand the investigation into whether the state’s prison system violates the Constitution’s prohibition on “cruel and unusual punishments,” with families of inmates and advocacy groups documenting the deplorable conditions in Georgia prisons, including prisoners covered in blood, groups of inmates armed with machetes, and evidence of cells with no functioning toilets.

“Rats and roaches crawl on people […]

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