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Don’t Let Your Healthcare System Be a Hostage


[co-author: Matt McManus]

Ransomware attacks are plaguing the healthcare industry. Here are actions organizations should take now before they find their systems victimized.

In Brief:

As the threat of ransomware attacks on healthcare systems continues to rise, some traditional defensive measures are becoming obsolete. To better prepare, and to mitigate issues following an attack, firms must take a holistic approach to fortifying their cybersecurity posture.

The ransomware attacks that grab headlines typically tend to involve big payouts or major system disruptions. In late April, for instance, a cybersecurity incident that caused huge gas shortages in the United States and netted hackers USD$4.4 million (later partially recovered by the U.S. government) splashed across global newsfeeds for weeks.

But for every headline-worthy ransomware incident, many others fly under the radar. Nowhere is this more evident than in the global healthcare industry. In May, the FBI linked the same threat group responsible for a ransomware attack on Ireland’s health service IT system that month to at least 16 past attempts to disrupt U.S. healthcare first-responder networks.Health systems have been attractive targets for ransomware operators for several years now because of the sensitive patient data they own and the urgency around accessing healthcare in […]

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