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Doomsday scenario: Climate change news should send a tingle of fear down your spine


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay Editor’s note: Marshall Brain – futurist, inventor, NCSU professor, writer and creator of “How Stuff Works” is a contributor to WRAL TechWire. Brain takes a serious as well as entertaining look at a world of possibilities for Earth and the human race. He’s also author of “ The Doomsday Book: The Science Behind Humanity’s Greatest Threats.”


RALEIGH – In Climate Change news last week, there were four headlines that should send a tingle of fear down the spine of every human being. Taken together, these four articles represent an approaching tragedy of the highest order for planet Earth and humanity. It is a true doomsday scenario. These four headlines should cause humanity to wake up, take notice, and change course:

> The perfect storm – The ripple effects of concurrent crises are leading the world on a path to crushing hunger, and the possibility of more war

Let’s quickly look at what these four articles are talking about so we can see the full, combined picture. Total climate meltdown

The first article is discussing a new book entitled Hothouse Earth by a well-known scientist named Bill McGuire in London. […]

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