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Drive better patient care by focusing on 3 key areas

3 As patient care becomes more dynamic with the occurrence of COVID-19 and the rising cases of chronic conditions in the US, providers need more resources and information at the point-of-care to help drive better patient care. We held a series of medical insight sessions including providers from across the spectrum of care including health systems, national urgent care chain, community hospitals, central labs and physician offices. In these insight sessions, we found three areas medical experts are focusing on to help drive better patient care: 1. Comprehensive point-of-care testing: Install treatment plans to help promote better outcomes and higher patient compliance

With an increasing focus on patient outcomes, today’s provider is looking for ways to improve efficiencies and get patients the results they need faster. In-office laboratory testing offers a solution to both challenges, enabling physicians to more immediately install treatment plans based on test results. In our insight sessions, the Medical Director for a large national urgent care chain put it as, “Rapid tests have proved valuable in helping providers determine next steps.” The need for results at the point-of-care leads many providers to bring testing in-house. A concern with sending tests out to reference labs […]

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