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Drug barcode guru and gadfly talks FDA rules and IV robotics


Mark Neuenschwander, founding director, the THRIV Coalition Mark Neuenschwander is founding director of the THRIV Coalition . He is a longtime patient safety advocate and academic responsible for hospital barcoding and other initiatives. He and THRIV now are focused on IV robotics.

Neuenschwander also is in part responsible for the FDA Bar Coding Rule and says pharmacy automation in hospitals is the next phase of his work.

Technicians preparing IVs, pharmacists checking techs’ work and nurses hanging bags cannot verify contents simply by looking at the fluids. Nor do they have tests for confirming that the doses were accurately prepared. Only automation can ensure one removes the element of human error in providing patients the right drugs at the right dose, Neuenschwander says.

Neuenschwander sat down with Healthcare IT News to discuss the FDA rule, IV robotics and reducing errors during the IV process.

Q. You are in part responsible for the FDA Bar Coding Rule . Please explain what healthcare provider organization IT leaders need to know about it.

A. Well, I was one of a chorus of voices. For sure, mine was among the more unrelenting. Some have suggested that I was to the [bar coding] cause what Ralph […]

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