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Dual credit is key to job creation, economic growth


Learn & Earn As the year begins and we look forward to a legislative session in which “once-in-a-generation” federal and state funding has the potential to change the trajectory of New Mexico’s future, one simple $10 million investment is a game-changer for New Mexico’s high school students: adequate funding for dual credit courses.

By simultaneously fulfilling high school graduation and college completion requirements, dual credit courses propel young people faster, farther, and more efficiently into the 21st century workforce needed to fulfill the state’s economic development aspirations.

States across the country are using and expanding access to this powerful tool to grow and prepare their future workforce. Meanwhile, New Mexico continues to be mired in a lack of understanding due to a lack of clear data to show just how powerful these courses can be.

As a result, our colleges and universities statewide are doing the right thing without proper funding, receiving $460,912 in state funding in FY 2021 while waiving $9.08 million in tuition. It’s a continuing situation that is clearly unsustainable.

What we do know is that New Mexico’s dual credit program is an exemplar in the country in its diversity (62% are students of color) and its impact on those […]

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