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E-fuel greener than an EV? Not so fast, new study says

Enlarge Image Porsche has been a big proponent of e-fuels, though said in the past that EVs will take the lead. E-fuels, or synthetic gasoline , holds a lot of promise for fans of the internal-combustion engine. Particularly because sustainable and renewable gasoline can cut emissions and make the cars we know and love from today, and yesteryear, a whole lot greener. However, Transport & Environment , a European group focused on environmentalism, published a new study late last month that provides evidence suggesting e-fuels are not the best way to decarbonize the automotive sector. Instead, battery-electric cars are the best alternative with the technology we have today.

To be up front, electrification is absolutely winning the battle when it comes to sustainable ways of transportation. However, T&E’s analysis comes as some companies lobby to include e-fuels in the upcoming Euro 7 emissions regulations for emissions-reduction credits. T&E instead provides evidence e-fuels do not provide the same carbon reductions as an EV, and in their research, cost consumers more money in the long run than an EV.

Specifically, the group’s total cost of ownership model shows running a car on e-fuel would cost $12,000 more than charging an EV. Another data […]

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