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Economy Improvements: Seat Maker Mirus Launches The Kestrel At AIX


The Norfolk-based Mirus Aircraft Seating launched its new fixed-back economy seat at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg this week. The manufacturer announced it is working with a group of airlines in strategic markets and expects to announce the initial launch customers later this year.

The seat is called the Kestrel and follows Mirus Aircraft Seating’s flagship product, the Hawk economy seat range, which currently has over 120,000 seats in service and has been implemented by carriers such as TUI and AirAsia . Designed for short-range journeys

Mirus created the upcoming seat to maximize passenger living space and comfort by utilizing an ultra-lightweight fixed back seat. The product was designed specifically for short to medium-range fleets and is customizable to meet the varying demands of ultra-low-cost through premium carriers.

The Kestrels design seeks to incorporate the signature design features seen in previous work, including simple, clean lines and an elegant finish to enhance the appearance and upgrade the passenger experience in the economy cabin. CEO of Mirus Aircraft Seating , Ben McGuire, highlighted some of the benefits for carriers: “Currently available for Airbus A320 and B737 aircraft types, Kestrel is a game-changer in enhancing cabin appearance, reducing weight, reducing cost of […]


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