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Eight photo-centric social sites that are not Instagram


In a recent (and very funny) blog post, The Verge ’s Liz Lopatto bemoans the ad-ification and TikTok-ification of Instagram and other social media sites. “Can someone just build a simple photo app that isn’t sleazy and let me know where it is so that my friends can join it?” she asks. And she apparently hasn’t been the only one — it’s gotten to the point where Instagram is starting to walk back some of its changes due to user complaints.

The comments section of Liz’s post soon became filled with various suggestions for alternative photo sites where you could post your cat pix and other cute / funny / beautiful photos and have your friends and family be able to admire and discuss them. I took a look at some of them (and some that I found elsewhere).

Most of the sites listed below have the following in common: they concentrate on still photography (and don’t push you into short videos); they work on a variety of operating systems; and they allow comments. Most have at least a basic free component, although we’ve also included a couple of for-pay sites. However, they also have one other thing in common: they […]

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