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Election Results: After Two Years of Nonstop Politics, It’s Time Israel Got Down to Business


Open gallery view Four elections inside of two years, and perhaps a fifth one on the way, provides ample evidence that Israeli politics operates on the assumption that it has all the time in the world. But it also shows how disconnected it is from the lives of average Israelis and from the massive challenges the country faces. The political establishment is self-involved.

If another caretaker government emerges from the election, it will be bad news for Israeli society and the economy. It would be better if a stable government of any kind is formed that can deal quickly with the urgent challenges the coronavirus crisis has created. These are the main ones.

The labor market

No matter what kind of government is formed, the most urgent agenda item it will face is unemployment. The rate last month, when the economy was just beginning to reopen after the third lockdown, was 16.9 percent by its broadest measure , equal to some 700,000 people out of work.

Reopening the economy is the most important tool it has for lowering the rate in the wake of the pandemic . The jobless rate will almost certainly fall sharply in the next several weeks as […]

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