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Eric J Dalius Highlights Earmarking of Digital Technology Trends

The technology trends reshape the marketing world, giving marketers ample options to choose to augment their lead conversion rates. Marketers need to formulate a digital strategy that best suits their niche to achieve high results and stay ahead of the vast competition.

Augmented Reality Revolutionizing the Marketspace

EJ Dalius considers augmented reality as a technological breakthrough. Such a still-growing tool combines digital data with a physical environment on a real-time basis. The recent advances in augmented reality have opened the doors to a unique and customized shopping experience for customers.

For instance, for customers who want to view furniture in their houses or try on clothes, augmented reality is the best fit. With the advancement and incorporation of virtual dressing rooms by several e-commerce garment shops, Eric Dalius advises marketers to leverage this technology to further the opportunities it provides to the company.

Augmented reality applications best differentiate themselves from their competition and create a competitive edge over the others.

The Science of Automation

A game-changing technology that marketers can employ is automation. It allows us to optimize our time by automating the tasks effectively. It also prevents human error and reduces any manual effort.

Automation platforms trigger personalized […]

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