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Essential Nature Of Social Work

Belinda Bruster, PhD, LCSW WEST FRANKFORT – Social Work is a critically-needed profession that helps people break down barriers and achieve optimal living. Social workers are trained professionals who specialize in improving the quality of life and well-being of others. We do this through direct practice, crisis intervention, research, policy, advocacy, social justice and more. In the last year, social workers have become especially prominent in supporting families through the COVID-19 pandemic and in advocating for racial justice in the U.S.

The important work of social workers has a profound impact on several facets of life. There is the side that most people think of when they think of social work: child welfare, social justice advocacy, hospice, assistance in schools, criminal justice, but there is also the clinical side of social work. In fact, social workers make up the largest group of mental health service providers in the United States. Clinical social workers build rapport with clients, assess their situations, diagnose their illnesses and develop and evaluation treatment plans for them to achieve the best quality of life they can have.

Social workers are essential to the success of mental health care. Seeing the world through a strength-based lens, social workers […]

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