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Eunice Chiweshe Goldstein’s ‘Purpose Wines’ Are Fueling Social Justice


Eunice Chiweshe Goldstein is a deep thinker. This is fitting because as Oregon’s first Black female winery owner and winemaker, she has a lot to think about. Certainly, there are the daily challenges of running a business; but there are also the struggles people like her face in the industry, where historical lack of diversity has led to a lack of role models from similar backgrounds.

Eunice Chiweshe Goldstein Winery launched in 2018 and opened its first tasting room in the small town of Astoria, Ore., the following year. The winery focuses on wine from the Willamette Valley, and each month, a portion of the sales is donated to different charitable causes.

Goldstein grew up splitting time between her home in the United States and her grandparents’ farm in Zimbabwe. Her grandfather brewed beer while her grandmother had a passion for drinking and sharing wine. She saw firsthand the way beer and wine opened up conversations and brought people together.

It left a profound impression on her. Although she went to the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television and graduated with a degree in filmmaking, there was never any doubt in her mind that, someday, she wanted to create something […]

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