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Every heatwave occurring today is more intense due to climate change


It’s no longer important to use modelling to determine whether a heatwave was made more likely by climate change, say scientists, because all heatwaves today are climate change-related A severe heatwave In France on 18 Jun 2022 Every heatwave today was made more likely by climate change and there is no longer a need to wait for studies to tease out global warming’s role in individual extreme heat episodes, according to the scientist who pioneered such studies.

Researchers usually caution against blaming specific extreme weather events on climate change. Heatwaves in China and Japan this week would not usually have been considered caused by climate change before “attribution studies” are run to model the difference in likelihood of the heatwaves between a world with our changed climate and one without. Such studies have come of age in the last decade, led by Friederike Otto of Imperial College London , and can now be turned around in days.

However, Otto says for heatwaves at least, we no longer need to wait before declaring climate change’s role. “I think we can very confidently now say that every heatwave that is occurring today has been made more intense, and more likely because of climate […]

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