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“Ex-gays” held a “freedom march” in Washington DC & turn out wasn’t all that great


The “Freedom March” rally (left) is being held on the National Mall in front of onlookers (right) The Changed movement, a group of “ex-gay” advocates that claimed to have left behind their LGBTQ identities, embarked on Washington D.C. this weekend as part of their CHANGED DC “tour.”

One of the main events of the tour was what was called a “freedom march” yesterday to celebrate their ex-gay identities and show support for anti-LGBTQ causes, as they’re lobbying Congress to stop their efforts to pass the Equality Act or other pro-LGBTQ legislation . The “march” turned into a dance party of just members of the group and possibly bewildered onlookers at the Washington Monument.

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Today’s event was expected to be a rally with a “diverse group of former LGBTQ individuals in worshipping, sharing our testimonies, and celebrating freedom in Christ publicly on the Mall in Washington!”

From early footage of the event captured by Washington Blade photo editor Michael Patrick Key, the rally mostly featured dancing and singing by Changed members. Others in the shadow of the Washington Monument, some wearing Pride colors, appear […]

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